Robin Williams Presentation

Posted: 11/08/2016
Improving conversion rates through the optimisation of your analytics tools and strategy
  • Thinking about data and analytics as more than just an issue for your data science team and understanding its ability to improve your digital marketing strategy
  • Installing analytics into your existing processes and assessing how they can help you reach and prove your anticipated ROI
  • Aligning marketing analytics with your financial goals to work towards clear company goals and KPIs
  • Using predictive modelling in your marketing data analysis to measure the effectiveness in your organisation
  • Avoiding vanity metrics through social and focusing on engagement metrics that equate to ROI
  • Saving time and making better predictions by tracking customer behavior consistently and analysing your data before, during and after your digital marketing initiative
  • Understanding the consumer’s decision journey to purchasing your product or service to discover which marketing programmes are most profitable
Robin Williams, Head of Digital Analytics & Marketing Data, Johnston Press