Digital (r)Evolution

Digital (r)Evolution

It’s hard to believe that it’s 2017. When people look back at this decade how will it be remembered? Will it be remembered for hipsters, man-buns and beards? Will it be remembered for the two most different consecutive presidents? Will it be remembered for the rise of memes in every day life?

Regardless of what stands the test of time, one thing guaranteed to be studied and examined for years to come is the ubiquity of digital media and technologies. Today, everyone is online and connected constantly. This is the first decade where practically everyone lives their life with a supercomputer connected to the internet in their pocket.

With individuals engaging with new media more and more, and becoming wiser to the ways of traditional media, organisations now themselves must adapt. The Digital Revolution has happened and now the question for enterprises is “How do I evolve to keep up with the pace of change?”

That's exactly what we asked top marketing leaders - "how is your company evolving to remain competitive and engage with customers in the rapidly changing digital landscape?"

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