September 26th - 27th, 2017
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2016 Digital Marketing Exchange Post Event Report

The 2016 Digital Marketing Exchange brought together 60 Chiefs, VPs, Directors and Heads of Digital Marketing to explore the most pressing challenges and exciting opportunities they’re currently facing in this new era for marketers. 

This report explores the key themes discussed to benchmark your digital marketing strategy with some of the country’s leading digital marketing minds.
Download your copy of the Post-Event Report today to find out more about the Exchange and discover why experts from the likes of Forrester, Barclays, Adidas, Telegraph, Asda, Starbucks and more, called this event “engaging and stimulating” and a perfect opportunity to bring you “up to date on the latest developments in digital marketing and in creating a customer obsessed culture”.

Digital Marketing Trends Report 2016

Download the CX Network's Digital Marketing Trends Report 2016 and find out what Facebook, Jagex, Barclays and Bloomsbury publishing have to say on the key trends:

  • Trend 1: Automating, Integrating and Streamlining Processes
  • Trend 2: Making the Most of Analytics and Data Insights for Personalisation
  • Trend 3: Driving Influence Through Content and Social
  • Trend 4: Mobile-First or Mobile-Only?
  • Trend 5: Futuristic Innovations

Top 10 Investment Priorities

Find out the Top 10 Investment Priorities for the attendees of the Digital Marketing Exchange. Contributors include Chief Marketing Officers, Heads, VPs, Directors of Digital Marketing from Facebook, Direct Line Group, Walt Disney Corporation, AA, Barclays and many more. 

Download the infographic now and see where your priorities sit in comparison to these digital marketing leaders. 

Digital (r)Evolution

It’s hard to believe that it’s 2017. When people look back at this decade how will it be remembered? Will it be remembered for hipsters, man-buns and beards? Will it be remembered for the two most different consecutive presidents? Will it be remembered for the rise of memes in every day life?

Regardless of what stands the test of time, one thing guaranteed to be studied and examined for years to come is the ubiquity of digital media and technologies. Today, everyone is online and connected constantly. This is the first decade where practically everyone lives their life with a supercomputer connected to the internet in their pocket.

With individuals engaging with new media more and more, and becoming wiser to the ways of traditional media, organisations now themselves must adapt. The Digital Revolution has happened and now the question for enterprises is “How do I evolve to keep up with the pace of change?”

That's exactly what we asked top marketing leaders - "how is your company evolving to remain competitive and engage with customers in the rapidly changing digital landscape?"

Download this exclusive report to discover what GHL Hotels, Pho, Citi Privat Bank, Direct Line and Forrester had to say!

The 2017 Digital Marketing: Key Investment Report

Europe’s top Digital Marketing executives have shared the challenges and investment areas shaping their 2018 strategies in this definitive guide into digital marketing budget assignment. The proliferation of new digital technologies and the ever-changing nature of customer interaction make for a fresh myriad of challenges for those ultimately responsible for these strategies.

So which challenges are keeping executives awake at night? And which services and solutions are they prioritising with 2018 just around the corner? This in-depth research seeks to outline these critical questions to help better understand marketing spend.


The Digital Journey Map

The world is going through a digital revolution at an unprecedented pace. But the true power of this revolution does not simply lie in the advancements in technology or the changes in the digital landscape, but in the fact that the technology is in the hands of the customer!

In 2014 the editorial team at the Customer Management Exchange Network put together this Digital Journey Map, showcasing the thoughts of some of world's leading digital marketers from the most credible brands to find out where they’re at on their Digital Journey and - critically - where they need to be. This map presents great opportunity to reflect on the actions your organisation has made in the last couple of years and see how far you still have to go.


Presentation: Andy Brown, Argos

Andy Brown talks you through the journey Argos has been on as it has adapted to the digital age. This presentation gets to the heart of customer experience and engagement in-store and online and how the two channels have been more effectively aligned.

Interactive Discussion: Dell, LV & Telegraph Media Group

3 senior Marketing leaders from Dell, LV and the Telegraph Media Group discuss their respective digital strategies as well as the latest digital trends and how these are shaping the future of marketing and customer experience across multiple industries.

Presentation: Katja Sizova, Vodafone

In this case study presentation, Katja Sizova shares how Vodafone has optimised customer experience thanks to a range of digital strategies across multiple platforms over the last 2 years.

Presentation: Mike de Halpert, Ebay

Ebay’s Head of Strategic Analytics discusses the virtues of media mix modelling how it can dramatically cut costs by optimising a company’s digital marketing and customer experience strategy.   

Presentation: Procter and Gamble Prestige & Barclays Bank

Listen to Jean Paul Jansen from Procter & Gamble’s Prestige division and Robert Wint from Barclays explain how they have developed their marketing content strategies into fully integrated, digital campaigns which have helped to reinforce brand identity and customer experience.  


Jeff Banks, Digital Marketing Director - GLH Hotels

In this exclsuive interview Jeff discusses all things GHL, from decentralising the diital marketing fucntion, to their relationships with agency's, to how they ensure their marketers remain highly skilled. 

Libby Andrews, Head of Marketing & PR - Ph

Libby takes us through her career at Pho, discussing how her role has evolved with the company and how they have embraced the digital marketing fucntion which has allowed their social media presence to grow to the benefit of their customers. 

Simon KingsNorth, Global Head of Digital marketing - Citi Private Bank

Simon discusses his key priorities as Global Head of Digital marketing, as well as sharing the biggest challenges he has encountered. Simon also highlights the importance of aligning the digital marketing strategy with the wider business strategy. 

Mark Evans, Marketing Director - Direct Line

Mark shares how the digital marketing strategy has changed over the past 12 months, how social media has impacted this, why Direct Line are leading the digital trend and much more. 

Victor Milligan, CMO - Forrester

In this exclusive interview Victor shares hiw thoughts on the challenges facing digital marketing, how digital innovations are becoming market norms, how the customer is actually the one leading the digital innovation with organisations playing catach up and how technology is evolving the digital landscape. 


Interview: Katja Sizova, Head of Digital, Vodafone Netherlands

The Head of Vodafone’s Digital Strategy discusses what is needed to guarantee success on the digital customer experience journey. For Katja Sizova, ensuring that all the dimensions of a digital strategy are fully synchronised is one of the biggest challenges Vodafone has had to overcome.

Interview: Anouk Vastert, Global Dir. Transformation, Marketing and Digital, Philips Consumer Care

The Global Director of Transformation, Marketing and Digital at Philips Consumer Care explores how the digital sphere is transforming the way companies connect their customers at a human level. This interview explores how digital marketing is evolving and how internal culture changes are required in order to reinforce brand recognition, customer loyalty and customer education. 

Interview: Jean Paul Jansen, Global Marketing Director and E-busieness leader Prestige, P&G

The Global Marketing Director of Procter and Gamble’s Prestige sector discusses how his organisation has overcome many of the initial challenges associated with adopting a digital customer experience strategy. This interview examines how a digital approach has been crucial for combining and aligning PR, Marketing and Sales strategies.

Interview: Robert Wint, Digital Content and Publishing Director, Barclays

The Director of Digital Content and Publishing at Barclay’s throws some light on to the issue of digital content and its role in directing a marketing strategy. For Robert Wint content marketing must be purposefully directed whilst remaining consistent across multiple channels.


Embracing Change as a Marketing Leader: Interview with Post Office's CMO

As a marketing leader, being creative isn’t the only main aspect of building a successful brand. It is important to be flexible with change as well as analysing results that will help the brand succeed. Collaboration is key and finding common objectives and investing in relationships will take you a step closer to understanding your job as a marketing leader. Hear insights on collaboration and embracing change from Pete Markey, CMO of the Post Office.

How to Equip a Marketing Leader for Global Success: Interview with Jones Lang LaSalle’s Global Brand Director

With the ever-changing consumer era, marketing leaders must recognise their brand as a value asset of the company. Watch this interview to hear Brant Long, Global Brand Director at Jones Lang LaSalle discuss why to grow from a local community to a global audience, it is important to unify both identities into one. Be willing to adapt to change, including creating templates in multiple languages. Keeping an ear outside of the organisation will help the company better understand consumers and help the company grow globally.